Elderflower, the tree that Snows

In the misty summer evenings, when often we are grateful enough to experience heavy rain and watch it drizzle, the elderflower releases its gentle fragrance. Magical, I say. I had to wait for a long time to pick my elderflowers, as this year, we experienced so much rain. what seemed like the perfect flower inContinue reading “Elderflower, the tree that Snows”

The Beauty in What Stings-Nettles and I

“beside the nettle, ever grows the cure for its sting” Mary Seattle Every time I’d hear people talk about nettle, nettle tea, nettle pesto, nettle soup, I’d cringe with an ickiness that translates itself into: ‘how can you eat something that stings?’ me, after spending a few hours gathering nettle in the most beautiful orchardContinue reading “The Beauty in What Stings-Nettles and I”

Health benefits of Royal Jelly

“health will be the currency of our future” @powerinature Let me just say that I’m in love with bees. Everything bee-ish strikes my attention. These tiny creatures capable of ruling a kingdom have become fascinating to me ever since a dear friend explained the mysteries of bee keeping. When told what happens behind the scenes,Continue reading “Health benefits of Royal Jelly”

The Sacred Hours of Morning.Saying NO to Social Media Early in the Day.

The minutes and hours that follow an early rise are holy grounds. They are freshly laid soils in which we are meant to plant intentions, new behaviours and patterns of thought.  As humans, we need time to prepare our minds for what we face during a day. We need time to prepare for the transit,Continue reading “The Sacred Hours of Morning.Saying NO to Social Media Early in the Day.”

On Stillness and Healing in Nature

Mother nature, her voice is silence yet she speaks with such clarity and power, power that has known surrender and has alchemized into the perfection of selfless presence.  She teaches us simplicity snd takes us back to the sacred knowing of our ancestors. our emotions are no longer forced to evolve at such a rapidContinue reading “On Stillness and Healing in Nature”

Intuitive Eating. What does it mean?

I was recently watching a youtube video by Meagan Moon (insta meagan_moon), someone i follow with so much love (kinda love her even though i never met her). Her video was about listening to your body and following what feels to be right. I couldn’t agree more with what she says in regard to howContinue reading “Intuitive Eating. What does it mean?”