|how to NOT gain weight|

Most of the articles or tips I read about how to stay slim are simply quick fixes that fail to create a ‘mentality’ of fitness and health.

If you’re interested in losing weight and staying slim, what you should be aiming for is a lifestyle instead of a life hack. With that being said, here are my seven tips for maintaining optimal weight without feeling pressure to give up things that you love.

1. Switch to whole wheat everything – rice, bread, pasta, cereal; the fiber rich-low in calories option of whole wheat will turn your life around, from better digestion to simply feeling ‘lighter’. there are so many options on the market today that you’ll never leave feeling like you had ‘to trade’.

2. Instead of binge eating, choose smaller meals or snacks throughout the day. the point of this is speeding up your metabolism. the less you feed your body with large quantities, the more it will hold on to them. but if you gradually change this and eat smaller meals as you go about your day, your body will feel safe to ‘let go’ of what it doesn’t need.

3. Never leave the table full but rather create a ‘save some for later’ mentality. When you break up your meals, the body knows it is constantly given food and won’t store up. also, your body is always working to process and digest which in itself further speeds up the metabolism.

4. Replace regular sugar with ‘green sugar‘. how can you do this? well here are a few ideas: instead of buying yoghurt that is already processed, create your own by adding healthy sweeteners such as honey. other alternatives include stevia, maple and agave syrup.

5. Stay away from ‘fried’. Rather than fried ‘everything’, try broiling, baking and grilling! you will quickly notice the difference in your weight and how you feel physically.

6. Do a one day weekly vegan challenge. this will help your body cleanse itself of the ‘junk’ that you might regularly be ingesting without being conscious of it. pick a day and stick to it!

7. Exercise even if in moderation. the idea is to make this a daily goal. Don’t do it because you have to but rather do it because you want to. to get your metabolism started, twenty minutes a day is enough.

‘aim for a lifestyle of fitness and health and your weight will become the byproduct of that’-@powerinature

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