Learning From Nature

I recently created a short YouTube video, with a collection of images from places I visited and roamed around for the past few months of summer. As I learn to let go and embrace fall, I cannot help but remember everything I’ve learned in my adventures through the wilderness.

I’d like to tell you that everything comes at the right time as long as we learn to live in a state of surrender which means embracing peace and living for the ‘now’.

this can be such a difficult process that I’m still learning to fully grasp. It amazes me how gentle, willing and obeying nature is, without questioning its future, without the worry of ‘tomorrow’. leaves that take a season to form are so easily pulled away by the winds of fall and yet the willingness to ‘let go’ seems to be sustained by a feeling of trust that ‘surpasses all understanding’.

while watching so many different types of trees, I realised that competition is absent in the realm of nature. each plant, ever flower and strand of grass create a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and forms. knowing they are equally beautiful and of the same importance, they are able to rise.

of kindness: at just the right time, walnuts crack their fruit open, offering nourishment not just for humans but also for the birds of the air that like to snack on this raw deliciousness.

there is a sense of freedom in nature that I’ve rarely experienced elsewhere. bordered by nothing, I feel free to explore my inner world. i feel so grateful to live in a place that is quite literally-surrounded by nature.

in less that 10 minutes by car, I am able to reach the nearest forest and experience an entire universe of fresh air, chirping birds, wild animals, ‘a sense of unexpectedness’ and a very full heart.

I often feel like a child that has found its inner realm. conditioned by nothing and blanketed by everything, there’s a sense of wonder and serenity that suddenly fills my heart.

“to lose my mind and find my soul”

a place dear to my heart is where the open fields of grass meet the ocean blue color of the skies. it feels like heaven to walk around, being the vertical element that stands between soil and that which roams above the air. the rock formations stand as heavy evidence of how we, also, can be molded by our environment-which is why we should always be mindful of the places we hang out in and of the people we surround ourselves with.

drop by drop, water has the power to shape and mold solid formations. so too, the small decisions we make on a day to day basis have the power to sculpt us.

“heaven is a place on Earth”

this was such a special day, although at the time it didn’t seem that way. as we were making our way deeper forest to film, with camera, stabiliser and all, it began to rain so heavily we were literally forced to stand still and feel every drop of water make its way through my hair, clothing, back pack and shoes.

in nature, as in life, things are unpredictable. you prepare for one thing but in the end, you get ‘less’ than what you came for. but as time goes by and you recall that moment, you realise that the challenge is what makes the memory so much more valuable.

“nature, I will never not love you”

some other things that come to mind when I think ‘nature’:

calmness, stillness, that everything has its perfect order and form of protection, balance, order, variety without competition, love consciousness, the power of our micro universe, enchantment, often what you ‘see’ is a reflection of how you feel inside, the importance of color, accepting change as a part of life, shadows are proof of light, to grow regardless of your circumstances, to search for life, to flow, to become, to feel, to give freely, to accept what is, to be.

I forgot to mention that I’m in love with moss. the deep green and velvety texture makes me wish I were a tiny elf, able to fit inside and go for a stroll through a labyrinth of endless wonder.

I hope we can come to the understanding that conservation is one of the most important journeys we can embark upon, to save our forests for future generations and for all those who continue to understand that there is no planet B. THIS IS OUR HOME. Let us not take it for granted.



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Loving nature and loving life.

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