The Beauty in What Stings-Nettles and I

“beside the nettle, ever grows the cure for its sting”

Mary Seattle

Every time I’d hear people talk about nettle, nettle tea, nettle pesto, nettle soup, I’d cringe with an ickiness that translates itself into: ‘how can you eat something that stings?’

me, after spending a few hours gathering nettle in the most beautiful orchard i know. birds chirping along and otherwise, complete silence. I have never felt more free of thought.

Plants are medicine and we’re created for us not just to treat but firstly to PREVENT. Everything in nature has its perfect purpose that we should never take for granted.

Immersing myself in this experience has created a safe haven for my soul and completely silenced my mind into what seemed like a complete lack of thought. I could not wait to return to this place.

I also like to think of nettles as being what my grandmother would use as a powerful anti-rheumatic plant. Getting the full benefits included jumping in nettle bushes half naked. Yup, back then people were brave like that and so much more connected to nature than we are. Nowadays, we rely too heavily on medication and forget the potent allies we have in plants. No matter where you live, go out and find the remedy you need; if you can’t pick it yourself, try and use supplements.

The benefits of using nettle are numerous and extend well beyond shiny hair.

Here are some ways ways in which this plant can help you:

  • reduces inflammation resulting in a powerful aid for arthritis
  • supports better urinary tract health
  • rich in nutrients including Vit.C (10x more than apple) and Iron
  • powerful antioxidant that helps with clearer, more radiant skin
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • hair that is shinier, shinier and that grows faster
  • alkalising & supports the immune system

the nettles are finally drying up and it’s such an amazing feeling to watch them get crispy and transform into what will make the most delicious herbal tea.

Cannot wait to make my first tea! Needless to say, every time I’ll drink it, I’ll stir up the memory of a beautiful day and that’s how I like to keep things alive, the good parts of my past in my ever beautiful present.

this is the Ikea jar that I’ll be keeping the nettles in. One of my favourite places to store since the jar is large and semi transparent. Yaas!

I hope I convinced you to give this plant a chance. Sending love, happiness and nature vibes!



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