Health benefits of Royal Jelly

“health will be the currency of our future”


Let me just say that I’m in love with bees. Everything bee-ish strikes my attention. These tiny creatures capable of ruling a kingdom have become fascinating to me ever since a dear friend explained the mysteries of bee keeping. When told what happens behind the scenes, I realised ‘there’s more going on in those hives than we can comprehend with our human mind’. The perfection of the hexagons bees create to sustain fresh honey combined with the clever order and rules that mimic human life, left me thinking that higher intelligence is at work and that when it comes to Creation, God does not play small.

this is the jelly I am using right now, from a trustworthy local source

Let’s get straight to the incredible health benefits of this amazing ‘potion-nectar-straight from God food’.

  1. The queen bee acid (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid) or 10-HDA is a bio-active compound that promotes neurogenesis (what? so we can obtain replenish neurons? pretty much!). Also, this special compound found in royal jelly acts as a natural antibiotic (considered a natural anti fungal and anti viral substance).
  2. Royal jelly stimulates growth because of its outstanding nutrients such as proteins, free amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that the queen bee feeds on for the entirety of her life. The jelly is also fed to bee larvae until they’re large enough to gather food on their own.
  3. It stimulates oxygen levels in the brain and therefore sustains concentration. So if you’re in need of that extra boost, make sure to turn to this natural remedy.
  4. ‘Bee milk’ also helps the nervous system, making it function properly by regulating neurotransmitters which in return help with mood, depression and fatigue.
  5. Needless to say it is one of the best immune system boosters in all the world so if you’re down with the flu, make sure to take a tiny bit of this supplement, daily.
  6. Balances hormones in both men and women and is claimed to increase fertility.
  7. Decreases cholesterol levels in the blood so for those of you in need of a ‘cleanse’, this could be your go-to product.
  8. As a natural anti bacterial, royal jelly can also be used externally, to treat mild wounds. Pretty cool if you ask me!

When buying this supplement, make sure to choose a trustworthy bee keeping source that is eco friendly.



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