The Beauty in What Stings-Nettles and I

“beside the nettle, ever grows the cure for its sting” Mary Seattle Every time I’d hear people talk about nettle, nettle tea, nettle pesto, nettle soup, I’d cringe with an ickiness that translates itself into: ‘how can you eat something that stings?’ me, after spending a few hours gathering nettle in the most beautiful orchardContinue reading “The Beauty in What Stings-Nettles and I”

Health benefits of Royal Jelly

“health will be the currency of our future” @powerinature Let me just say that I’m in love with bees. Everything bee-ish strikes my attention. These tiny creatures capable of ruling a kingdom have become fascinating to me ever since a dear friend explained the mysteries of bee keeping. When told what happens behind the scenes,Continue reading “Health benefits of Royal Jelly”