Morning Mind Cleanse

Every morning we are granted the opportunity to start anew.

To begin again.

And yet, the moment we open our eyes, we immediately track down the last thing we remember. We are therefore stuck and attached to the past.

How can we start each day with a clean state? How can we wash the valleys of our minds, with pure water, fresh water, realizing that we get this chance every-single-morning?

What would it feel like if every time you woke up, you would visualize your mind releasing old beliefs, thinking patterns and feelings that gained momentum the day before?

To not be stuck in yesterday’s world, we must be intentional about creating change and working on generating new patterns and behaviors. And so i propose to you a daily morning challenge of grounding and cleansing. I challenge you as well as myself, to try and “see” everything for the first time. Yourself. The world around you. All that is.

Today i begin again. I cleanse my mind of all that was. 

Today i will create new beliefs about  myself and the world around me.   Today, my mind is washed clean of all that i thought about yesterday.  My day begins with fresh water that is pure. So pure, i can  see the  bubbles of fresh air floating through it. My mind is ready for a new day,  free  of all that was and  ready to flow through these fresh and bright waters that are calm and peaceful. The shores of my mind are new. There are no footprints. Today i begin again. Today i believe again. Today is all i have. 

Keep this image in your mind and visualize the cleanse. Release attachments from all the days you have lived before. Watch the world around you recreate itself.


Published by powerinature

Loving nature and loving life.

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