The Sacred Hours of Morning.Saying NO to Social Media Early in the Day.

The minutes and hours that follow an early rise are holy grounds. They are freshly laid soils in which we are meant to plant intentions, new behaviours and patterns of thought. 

As humans, we need time to prepare our minds for what we face during a day. We need time to prepare for the transit, from night to day, with dreams and all of the madness that can stem from interpreting them. What is in our subconscious minds that is calling for attention? What is it that we do not wish to see with our woken minds? Some people like to journal their dreams, of course this is not necessary if you have good memory. But reserving a few minutes to recapture what dreams are symbolising might be a good way to understand your inner conflicts.

If the moment you wake up, you decide to grab your phone and plunge into the lives of people on social media, you have already decided to stray from yourself.

 Your mind hasn’t had the chance to declutter from its sleep and you have already confronted it with information about where to go, what to do, the latest iPhone, raids in fellow countries, the latest fashion trends, discounts on trips you could possibly take, emails, WhatsApp messages, a text from an ex that simply has you off for the day, motivational quotes you’re not ready to digest so early on, the private lives of others they are so eager to share desperately seeking validation, and so on.

Dear friends, take a moment to breathe and realise how unhealthy and unkind this is. Our bodies are meant to be treasured and loved, cared for as they are the vessels that carry us through life. Starting out your day with too much information, some that might even have you wondering if you’re on the right path, or comparing yourself to others before you even brushed your teeth…is simply not a good way to channel your energy and focus.

Make sure to allow at least an hour to pass before you check your phone, delving into things that will shift your focus from the present moment into a ‘wannabe’, ‘havetodo’, ‘wishicould’ state of mind. It will steal your joy and the crazy part is that you are the person that allows for it. 

Ground yourself in your own presence and energy and focus on your intention for the day before checking information on social media.

I promise you this will give you a more stable sense of self and purpose without being driven by external forces that will lead you astray. Listen to your heart and give your mind the time it needs to reach a state of coherence.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Much love & light,


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