How To Use Your Intuition

“there can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis”

Malcolm Gladwell 

Intuition is the “glue of mind, body and spirit”- Meagan Rock.

Intuition is something we have access to only when we become present. To not confuse it with the voice of our ego, we must learn to be still and to become familiar with what our hearts sound like. To recognise intuition is to practice entering a sacred space of presence and flow, where the mind, body and spirit can come together as ONE. 

Intuition is not something that arises as a result of a thinking process, on the contrary. Intuition becomes available when we stop all thinking and listen to the silence that speaks a language of its own. This might seem strange and it truly is mysterious.  Intuition is not of the thinking mind but rather of the silencing forces of our spirit and heart. It is a gentle whisper of knowing that other have used long before us. A general collective and ancestral knowledge of right and wrong based on experiences that transcend the present moment. 

Intuition is not the same for everyone. For some it can feel like a calling, an image or an inner voice, while for others it can simply be an inner knowing that becomes available once entering a state of presence. What is important to know is that intuition will never take the voice of fear or judgement, which is why we must learn to differentiate it from what our ego-driven mind is telling us.

When we put our rational powers to rest and simply breathe, we are able to access more than we can imagine. The reason being that rationality often goes too far with analysis and judgement and is therefore incapable of delving into the realms that lie outside of “what makes sense”. Intuition does not always make sense and trying to explain it to someone or even to ourselves defies the point of it. 

It is there to offer a deeper understanding and guidance to what it is we need or what lies behind that which we see.

If you ever feel that a situation or a person is not good for you, listen to that inner knowing and take measures to adjust your behaviour with what it is you feel behind the curtain of social tasks and pressure. At the end of the day you have yourself to answer to, a self that will not excuse you for not taking into account its truth! So don’t deny the obvious no matter what form it takes in your life.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself, to become more attuned to your intuition:

Is this feeling, image or inner knowing coming from a place of calmness and peace?

Do I feel connected to my higher self? 

Is my intuition urging me to do something or is it a loving message that is telling me I can trust the timing of my life? (Keep in mind that intuition will not come from a place of urgency but rather from a place of patience and understanding)

How does this inner knowing make me feel? Does it give me a feeling of warmth and joy (intuition) or is it a chilling feeling that brings up fear and rationality? (ego)

Remember to always follow the inner guiding you receive, it is one of the greatest gifts of the human spirit. Learn to use it and to trust yourself.


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