On Stillness and Healing in Nature


Mother nature, her voice is silence yet she speaks with such clarity and power, power that has known surrender and has alchemized into the perfection of selfless presence.  She teaches us simplicity snd takes us back to the sacred knowing of our ancestors. our emotions are no longer forced to evolve at such a rapid pace, keeping up wth an ever evolving mind but are invited to flow with what comes easy. Mother nature brings back balance in our bodies in ways that are inexplicable. Here are just a few examples of what i have experienced in my recent city break, away from all distractions and noises that break this blissful quietness.

As soon as i woke up, i felt pulled towards places i knew nothing of. I would jump out of bed and clothed in whatever i had on and walk without a goal, just listening and obeying the path my feet would lead me to. My legs felt light, as if they were walking by themselves, as if a force was pulling them to a special place where i could dwell in light and contemplate everything that surrounded me. The breeze was gentle as were the sounds of the hills, the nearby forest and beautiful birds flying by, reminding me of the true meaning of freedom.

I felt myself, as if the most authentic version of my being had been extracted from all the masks society forces me to wear. I realised that deep inside i was still a child that longed for time to sit, and time to play.

I felt that every hour i spent walking along the perfectly colored grass, was an invitation to pray. In fact, being there in its own felt like a constant moment of meditation and praise, gratitude and surrender to the splendour of this magnificent universe.

My body felt energised and balanced. My face looked bright and my eyes were shiny, infused with so much beauty, it was like a drug that came freely, creating peace and warmth.

The usual heartburn i have suffered from in the past four years had evaporated, and instead, i felt that my digestion was functioning perfectly and that, my friends, was amazing!

‘I could live here forever’, i told myself! But many people i told this to answered by saying i would easily get bored and that all these feelings would eventually pass. They have clearly not understood what i’ve been feeling, this call towards nature, stillness and the balance i so very much crave.

“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”- Lao Tzu

With a still mind, focused on the present moment and all that simply was, i felt connected to every living being, from the ants i noticed, “doomed” to a life spent so close to the sacred soil, to all the trees, flowers and plants, to animals that appeared to gaze into the sunlight, with nothing on their mind , having understood the simplicity of life. How magnificent it must be to know the power of simplicity and to surrender to all seasons of life, without an ego, freed from the cages of our human minds.

Night time fell in layers of light, from yellow to pink and blue and orange. And when the stars came out, i was in awe of every single light and found myself staring breathlessly at a cosmos impossible to grasp, unless its perfection is contemplated from the heart. Nothing mattered more than the flawless sky and i owed all that i was to all that i allowed myself to be.

Words fall short when it comes to such experiences and i truly believe that every person will have a different experience no matter what it is they try. “We are powerful beyond measure” and unique at the same time.

Speaking of time, rarely if ever do we ponder on how quickly everything fades out; our busy lives keep us from living a happy life. We trade our happiness and health for money, fame or compromise that stems from what others will think of us. Have the courage to break free from this cycle of sorrow and step into your truth.

I have.





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Loving nature and loving life.

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