Intuitive Eating. What does it mean?

I was recently watching a youtube video by Meagan Moon (insta meagan_moon), someone i follow with so much love (kinda love her even though i never met her). Her video was about listening to your body and following what feels to be right. I couldn’t agree more with what she says in regard to how we can’t chose what to eat, how to exercise or what to feel until you’re in that moment of presence aka the magical now *as i like to call it. Our mind is always struggling to stay present, shifting between the past and the completely unknown future and so it’s difficult to stay grounded and focus on what you need NOW. But that is all that ever matters, the NOW-ness and how you can serve your being in the present moment. You cannot possibly know what you’ll need tomorrow and so relying on intuition is an amazing inner tool that we have access to every moment of our life. Meagan was also talking about how she uses intuition to find out what her body wants to E.A.T. I do that too quite a lot and despite the fact that the choices i make sometimes feel off,  i GIVE my body what it asks for.

Same thing for working out, which as most of you know i do almost daily. It’s hard to plan a workout a day before and if you do, chances are your body might not be “feeling” that particular series of exercises and so it’s best to chose something else and be gentle on your body by practicing compassion. I am honestly struggling with this since i always push myself way beyond my limits and often get injured or emotionally strained. If only we listened to that amazing inner tool and inner guidance called INTUITION. It knows everything because the universe is inside each and every one of us. Ya’ know it.

This is a simple practice you can do every single day no matter what choice it relates to. There will always be that voice that tells you what you need, the question is, are you gonna listen to it? How much do you respect your mind, body and soul? How many times will you trespass what you know will only have negative consequences.

Osho has an amazing quote that says: “Behave as if we were the first here….Intelligence is within you. Instinct is within you. Intuition is within you. Now start moving.”



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