How to Better Manage your sacred Life

Dear Friends,

I am not a life coach nor am i the best manager of my own life and time. However, there are some things i have learned over the past year that have helped me put things in place. I believe these things could be useful especially when dealing with the constant blabber of anxiety in your mind.  So here are some practical things that i found useful.

1. Try and separate your life into “domains” or “fields”. For example, “career”, “relationships”, “health”, “spirituality” and so on. Under these items you should consider writing things that you wish to improve. If you feel something is urgent, you might want to make it a priority.

2. Don’t procrastinate on things you feel are imminent. If within either fields something seems extremely important, then make time to sit with yourself and find solutions. Anxiety is known to distort things in our minds, don’t let that get in the way. Don’t fall for traps like “this will never work”, “I’ll never find a way out”, “why me?!”, “this is the worst time of my life”. Work around how the mind will try to jerk you around.

3. Write down a few clear long term goals ( by long term i mean things you wish to accomplish in the next year) and make sure that these goals are worth your while. Try and choose things that will boost your confidence, things that you can do yourself without necessarily relying on others.

4. When you find yourself complaining, remember that there is always someone in the world that has a worse situation in every possible way. Look around you and find something to be grateful for. This can be the most challenging thing but it is also what will make you grow and become a better person inside out. You will never know who will be inspired by your actions. Life is a spinning wheel. What goes around comes around and by being a better person, the  entire universe is influenced for the better. Fact.

5. When writing down the fields of your life that require change or improvement, make sure you are being honest with yourself. Don’t bite more than you can chew. Try and have a loving and compassionate attitude towards yourself. Life kicks you in the butt enough…don’t add to that by being your worst enemy or judge.

6. It’s been constantly emphasized but I’d like to add a twist–the secret to improving in any domain is not just to change your thoughts by making them positive. It is to change your thoughts to better support whatever situation you find yourself in so that your ATTITUDE can influence how you will ACT.

PS: spend time outdoors, in nature, hug trees 🙂




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