power in nature

“health will be the currency of our future”

I believe that nature is home. Everything we need to maintain our well being already exists in the vastness of this Pandoran realm. The forest nurtures my soul while healing my mind and body. The fields call to me with their song of silence. Into the wild is where i go to lose the tightness that society blankets me in, to shed the fake sense of self that so often plagues me with what is not truth. In nature, I am free. Follow me on this journey.

How You Can Help Our World

bee Kind

Kindness is underestimated. A small gesture, like a smile, a helping hand, donating what you no longer use, can have a tremendous impact on the world around you. It starts with you. It was never about anyone else. We can only change the person we see in the mirror.

bee an Example

It’s not just children that learn by example and behavior but adults too. When you take action and do what’s right, when you make LOVE your default setting, you encourage others to do the same. Bee what you want to see in others.

act local think Global

No matter where you live on planet Earth, you can always make a difference so don’t ever feel small. Do the best you can for your local community and rest assured, your actions will be felt worldwide.

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